[ 4 – 5 May 2019 ]

Pilates Day Thailand 2019 : Workshop
วันพิลาทิสแห่งประเทศไทย ปี 2019 : เวิร์คชอปโดย วิคเตอร์ ยูเกอร์

สัมผัสประสบการณ์ระดับโลกโดยตรงจากมาสเตอร์ Viktor Uygan บนเครื่องพิลาทิสรีฟอร์มเมอร์

4 เวิร์คชอป (เวิร์คชอปละ 3 ชั่วโมง) พร้อมรับใบประกาศนียบัตร


เสาร์ที่ 4 พค.
คลาสเช้า : 8:30-11:30
Finding your Standing Leg

Great for athletes or any individual who needs to gain strength balance and control. Understand the importance of the standing leg to control and generate power during movement. Uncover some of the differences you can make with your clients working on specific hip, spine and shoulder movement patterns. This fun and creative workshop will use a variety of exercises from the Pilates repertoire and entirely new moves to add to your practice. Come learn and experience a workout that will keep all of your clients coming back for more!



เสาร์ที่ 4 พค.
คลาสบ่าย : 14:30-17:30
Reformer with long box

Uncover some of the differences you can make with your clients working on specific hip, spine & shoulder movement patterns while learning new innovative Reformer and long box exercises to enhance flexibility and strength. This is a fun and creative workshop using a variety of entirely new moves to add to your repertoire and reveal functional movement imbalances further creating joint and musculature rhythm. Learning and experience a workout like this will keep you creative and your clients coming back for more!



อาทิตย์ที่ 5 พค.
คลาสเช้า : 8:30-11:30
Konnections on the Reformer

The goal of Pilates is to develop functional, whole body movement. Viktor Uygan and his Konnect method expands our understanding of Pilates by providing exercise sequences on the Reformer with the use of bands and small equipment to enhance proprioception and awareness of the connections between the upper and lower body, the right and left side of the body and most importantly the mind and the body. You will come away with numerous exercises, a richer understanding of how the body works and how to connect it.



อาทิตย์ที่ 5 พค.
คลาสบ่าย : 14:30-17:30
Reforming Flexibility

Many clients miss potential flexibility benefits of Pilates by failing to adequately stabilize body segments or by allowing undesired compensations to occur when end ranges of motion are approached. This workshop will provide easy assessment tools, cues, and stretches on the Reformer that can be added to a movement session without breaking the flow. These exercise progressions will both improve flexibility and help prepare clients for classical repertoire that demands large ranges of motion.


ประวัติครู Viktor


Viktor Uygan’s long history as a professional dancer and in fitness led him to Pilates after moving to the United States in 1993. Since then,he has become PMA certified and is now an owner at Konnect Pilates in Southern Californiafor the past 16 years. Viktor is a Balanced Body Master Instructor and teaches courses in Pilates, Anatomy in 3D, BODHI, MOTR , CoreAlign and Konnector. He specializes in the training ofathletes and dancers and holds certifications withthe Ki-hara technique for resistance flexibility andstrength training as well as the American Ballet Theater National Training Curriculum for youngdancers. Viktor presents worldwide with hisworkshops and his own innovative invention”The Konnector.” You can also see him in many ofBalanced Body’s DVD’s along with Pilates Anytime and featured articles in Pilates style magazine.

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