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Stott Pilates DVD Arc Barrel Challenge: Flex & Extend

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★ The Arc Barrel can be a vital cross-training tool that supports the body while allowing you to isolate individual joints. This DVD will lead you through an effective and mobilizing workout that can be performed in conjunction with any fitness program.

Workout level: Advanced (Level 4 of 5)

Language track: English

Required equipment: Mat, Arc Barrel or Stability Barrel

In this workout, you will discover the deep conditioning benefits of the Arc Barrel.

DVD Contents

  • 20 exercises
  • Workout Time – 45 min
  • DVD Length – 107 min


Exercises: Lunges, Walking lunges, Kneeling squats, Ab prep, Oblique prep, Breast stroke, Push up, Tricep dips, Side lying, Hip flexor stretch, Pelvic rotation, Spine stretch forward, Side bend, Spinal rotation, Push up on barrel, Swimming, Pike with rotation, Seated hinge, Hip flexor stretch and Squat stretch

♥ Bonus Features

  • Five Basic Principles
  • Work out with music only
  • Special message from the founders
  • Check out Merrithew equipment
  • Learn about instructor training
  • Barrels & The Pilates Edge

John Garey is a Master Instructor Trainer for Merrithew and an integral member of the company’s programming team. John specializes in STOTT PILATES® and CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training. He is also a featured instructor in many Merrithew professional and consumer DVDs sold around the world.