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Stott Pilates Fitness Circle Toning Rings 2-pack | Green

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The newest addition to our Fitness Circle® family, the Toning Ring 2-pack (green) brings flexible, resistance-based challenge to almost any exercise while doubling as a physical cue in maintaining proper form. ★  Made from weighted and flexible springs, use individually or as a pair to work the upper- and lower-body or to challenge both in bilateral workouts.

Try placing between the ankles or thighs during Hundreds to work the inner-thighs and pelvic floor while deepening your abdominal challenge. Create long lean arms by using in place of a roll-up bar during isometric arm exercises.

  • Help create long and lean muscles
  • Help to improve posture and build core strength
  • Use to target upper- and lower-body
  • Help to increase flexibility when used in stretching exercises
  • Ideal for isometric and joint strengthening workouts
  • Lightweight and easy to carry; great for travel
  • Smaller than traditional circles, cushioned rings function as a Fitness Circle® for kids

Diameter 10 in
Weight 650 g

♥ Cleaning and care

  • Can be cleaned with wet cloth.