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Stott Pilates Air Balance Ball 25cm | Red

800.00 THB


Achieve a full-body workout with this lightweight, portable balance ball. Use it in place of a Mini Stability Ball and enjoy the added benefit of gentle massage. The textured surface stimulates the muscles while you work out.

  • Use for strengthening and improved flexibility
  • Relieve tension in muscles
  • Stimulate blood flow

Air Balance ball dimensions

  • Diameter 25.4 cm


  • PVC
  • Includes needle-point pump

How to inflate

  • Inflate the Air Balance Ball with a needle-point pump
  • Remove plug from ball
  • Insert nozzle of pump, inflate to desired firmness and replace plug
  • A small pump can also be used if you have one

♥ Cleaning and care

  • Wipe clean using a diluted mixture of water and mild soap
  • Rinse well
  • Ensure product is dry before using
  • Never use corrosive cleaning products

Storing and handling

  • Maintain control of the ball at all times while exercising
  • Do not kneel or stand on the ball
  • Keep sharp objects away from the Mini Stability Ball and Air Balance Ball
  • Do not use the ball if it appears worn or damaged
  • Store in a dry location away from direct sunlight